Our Approach

Honey Right Electric LLC, is dedicated to providing the highest quality electrical service at the fairest prices for residential and commercial projects. Our team of highly skilled electricians will work within the local, state and OHSA guidelines to see your project through from start to finish. We put in hard work, attention to detail and determination in each project we complete. We provide our customers with innovative ideas, appropriate equipment, up-to-date technologies, solutions and assessments in order to complete projects successfully, on-time and within budget.

Our Story

Since 2009, Honey Right Electric emerge by its founder, James Gilliland. The name Honey Right Electric comes from James Gillilands' grandmother Lillie King who's favorite saying was " Honey Right." James Gilliland valued the beauty and sweetness of his grandmothers love for GOD and family, so in memory of his grandmother, he honors his grandmother favorite saying "Honey Right" as his company's name.


James Gilliland

Founder & CEO

Honey Right Electric is a minority owned company founded by James Gilliland in 2009. James Gilliland has more than 26 years of experience and holds North and South Carolina electrical contractors license with experience in managing, installing, maintaining and repairing electrical equipment, wiring and fixtures, ensuring that work is in accordance with relevant codes. In addition, James has certifications with; MBE/HUB Certified, OHSA 10 & 30 Safety Certification, Equipment Operator and CPR certifications.

Next Steps...

Feel free to contact us at 864-520-3848 for any electrical needs. No job is to small.